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Welcome. May all who enter as guests leave as friends.
 Kaylynn Dawn Evans "The dawn of our joy" 
February 21, 2011
Kelly Valerie Evans, Puts the "K" in "Krazy" 
June 25, 2012
Trinity Grace Evans, Our gift from God, 
Conceived after yet another miscarriage. 
October 16, 2014

    The first book that I have published is Love Letters to Miscarried Moms. It is a ministry and a call that I never could have imagined. It is beautiful and wonderful. So many women have expressed their heartfelt thanks for writing the book. 

    Over the years I have become known for miscarriage, associated with it. People will come across a story about perinatal or infant loss and share the link with me. "Here. This completely depressing story made me think of you." God bless them. 

    I cry with women who are crying about their losses. I still write love letters to mothers who have miscarried. But I am also examining who I am as a person and as an author. I was writing before Love Letters to Miscarried Moms and I am writing still. My miscarriages are part of who I am, but not all. 

    I actually recently submitted a military fiction manuscript and proposal to an agency and have made it to the third level of review. 

    I didn't decide to author books. Writing just happens. I have loved telling stories since I was a child. There was a spoken series called, "The Bunny Burglars" that I would depict to my cousins in the back of my dad's station wagon and around campfires. I played with Barbies much longer than I felt comfortable confessing to others, but looking back I realize now that it was simply a means, a vehicle through which I practiced telling stories. 

    My vision for this website is for you to get to know me better, to keep you updated with my writing journey and to challenge you to see life from a new perspective. I would also like to introduce you to my family and share my church ministry experiences. I appreciate you. Thank you for taking the time to stop by. 
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Sam I Am a Writer
Current Projects
Top Secret: African Gray

Everyone carries secrets. Air Force pilot Caleb Wells carries guilt over his friends’ executions. Sarah Wells carries an engagement ring. Marine Captain James Casey cherishes Sarah Wells more than he’ll admit. Army Lieutenant Chris Wells, reputably a God-fearing Christian, harbors a dark betrayal. The CIA has secrets, too—top secrets. With a missing ballistic missile, an enemy Bermuda triangle for U.S. troops, and AWOL SEALs, the Wells’ unique proximity is the last mystery, and hope.

Keeper of the Keys

When Kaylynn's father is killed in an ambush, Kaylynn learns more about herself than she ever could have imagined. 

This 2015 NaNoWriMo winner is the first of six in my Ephee series. It is my imagination placing all six of my children (both heaven-born and earth-born) on adventures in the same world at the same time. This completed manuscript is unpublished.

Warrior of Strength 

Warrior of Strength was completed on December 4th. I was able to write 50,000 words in the month of November, which makes me a NaNoWriMo winner two years in a row. 

Kelly, the warrior princess, allows herself to be captured in order to learn of the enemy's plans. But when her memories are stolen, she is tricked into battling her own family and draws her swords on her closest friend. Can she discern the truth before all is lost?


Alexandria uncovers a plot to kill the royal family and becomes entangled in the princes' effort to escape. 

This is the first manuscript  I ever wrote and it is still in the editing phase. Every time I look at it again, it becomes a more compelling and succinct project. 

Can you sum up your life in ten words or less? 

Every challenge met with the force of Christ's blessing. 

There have been HARD moments in my life--physical and medical setbacks, brokenness, animosity from others, financial stress, heart-breaking loss of loved ones. But through each moment I have felt the hand of Christ, as if he were weaving me through a crowd of people. I have seen miracles that can't be explained and blessings that can't be ignored. 

Is my life always unicorns and rainbows? Absolutely not! Today was rather stormy. And you've heard the adage, "the calm before the storm"? Well, several years back I--quite cleverly--juxtaposed the phrase saying, "there's always a storm before the calm."

​This witty concept came to me in the midst of my own storm--my first and second pregnancies-- which both ended in miscarriage. To me, the words symbolized hope. 

No one told me that
My hair was up in a poof. 
And the part that's matted down—
That's peanut butter, not mousse. 
I'm now missing an earring
I remember why I wear them so seldom
Oh, shiny, thinks baby with a handle to yank down on
My mascara is smeared across my cheek, but to be fair
I don't wear it enough to remember it's there. 
I was reaching for deodorant when the screaming began
And never whisked it on 
Before whooshing away in the sedan.
It's been two days since I showered.
Pits are a little bit smelly.
My lower abs still jiggle like a bowl full of jelly.
Stretch marks and scars climb like vines up my belly
My waistline with time's gone the way 
Of black and white tele. 
Puke is in fashion as well as applesauce and snot
My shirt is a napkin; I don't buy new tops
I pee when I laugh, so that makes me feel sexy
My hairy legs haven't been shaved in more than a century. 
My pants sag down. Sometimes I forget my zipper.
This comes from squeezing into jeans while dancing around little nippers. 
Where I once had complete thoughts, 
There are now only blanks
My mind declared mutiny and then walked off the plank. 
I'm scattered. I'm frazzled, exhausted and stressed.
I am Mom. I am loved. I am a beautiful mess. 
I was in the midst of a storm, but the promise lay in the knowledge that all storms come to an end. Life has moments of utter chaos, brokenness, helplessness and fear. There are boat-breaking gales that seem like they will never come to an end. 

And then there's Christ, standing in the midst of it all. A force to be reckoned with. The winds and the waves obey Him. The storm subsides. And there in the quiet, I know the blessing of His peace. 

Lord, give me storms if it means that I get to be in the boat with Jesus.
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