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Adventure Devos Coming This May! 
What do facial wounds, near drownings, and chasing wolves have in common?  

Find out in Adventure Devos – a devotional for men who love the risk, danger and challenge of outdoor adventure, and who crave relevant insight into God’s Word.

Skydiving and Choosing Wisely
Tying Knots and Fighting Temptation
A Polar Plunge and Following the Crowd 
Sat Phones and Connecting to God
Grand Canyon Rafting and Holy Living 

Captivating photos inspire while stories of caving, hiking and rappelling unpack Biblical insights for godly living with family, work, friends and community. We dare you take the plunge!

Click here to get a sneak peek. 

Completed, Not-Yet Published Manuscripts 

Top Secret: African Gray
Christian Romance
As they pursue an international threat, characters also wage spiritual wars, battling God’s role in tragedy and the depth of His forgiveness for the darkest sins.

Keeper of the Keys 
Young Adult Fiction Romance
Book One of the Ephee series and 2015 NanoWriMo Winner 

When Kaylynn's father is killed in an ambush, Kaylynn learns more about herself than she ever could've imagined. 

Warrior of Strength 
Young Adult Fiction Romance
Book 2 of the Ephee series and 2016 NaNoWriMo Winner 

Feeling betrayed, Kelly, the warrior princess of Ephee, determines to fight her enemy without her family's aid. Her memories are stolen as a result, which makes her the enemy’s greatest weapon against her own kingdom. Crossing swords with her closest friend, who will be the winner?

Stranger Questions
Christian Romance

Alexandria finds herself unwittingly sandwiched between the royal family of Denmark and their enemies’ vow of assassination and she must fight alongside them while simultaneously battling her feelings for the oldest prince, who is betrothed to someone else. 

3,000 Years in 56 Minutes:
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Becoming a member of the Polar Bear Club is the dumbest thing that I have ever done. 

My lungs seized instantly and every single limb declared mutiny at once. I tried to kick and stroke to the surface, but all I managed was a twitchy doggy paddle. 

My face broke the surface and I pressed my palms to the tarp on the ice. I attempted to push up but my arms declared strike. 

Peer pressure—the pressure to save face in front of others—leads us to make decisions that we would often never make on our own. The small private college I attended boasted strange peer pressures. A peer pressure to get your name spray painted on a rock (long story), a peer pressure to get married, a peer pressure to jump through holes in the ice into the lake. There was also a peer pressure to be holy. 

Excerpt From Adventure Devos
May 2018
You will find yourself hooked from the very first sentence. [This story] will make you want to run straight into Jesus' arms. 

Executive Editor Jen Genovesi said this:
"Expertly handled by a relative newcomer to GCP ... It's absolutely captivating. 

We get a glimpse into the full experience of what it means to put one's faith in God -- even when circumstances seem random, desperate, scary, shaky and wildly unfair. We see faith wobble, steel itself, invite others in, and rise with resolve. We see faith in action. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful job."

Proofreader Melody Davis said this:
A shining example of showing how an unfair, random act of violence can be used to convey the forgiveness we have from Jesus and the forgiveness we then must extend to others who have done us wrong. Very nicely done! 

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